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Every single thing you make is as cute as can be...love this idea!


These are adorable, Lisa!


This is the CUTEST IDEA... EVER!
Thank you for sharing such a wonderful idea, and even more for the free printable!


Hi Lisa,
This is jodie again. I just tried to download and print these, and everything looks like it's suppose to, except for in the "hair" where it's suppose to say, "Frankly, I hope you have a great Halloween!" it's got a grayish "bar" accross it with no words at all. Do you think it's because I'm on a Mac computer? I usually don't have problems, I've only seen something like this once before. If it is because of that, I'll go to my moms house and do it there. Thanks for your help! :)

Glory/ Glorious Treats

Super cute!! I love simple ideas that have a great impact!

Sarah Crowder

You are so awesome! And punny ;)


Hi Lisa- I am having the same problem as Jodie with trying to print. The words are just a grey smear. I also have a mac and have recently had this with another site printable too. If you can give some insight and help I would appreciate it.

Erica Reinhart

This is so cute! Definitely making for my sons halloween party at school

Jill Tyson

I also have a Mac, and when I clicked on "here," the same grayish stripe appeared. HOWEVER, when I downloaded it to my computer, the wording was there, and everything printed up nicely. So, for those of you having issues, try downloading it and see if that works. :)


How did you download it on the MAC Jill?

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