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Very cute. I've tried doing clay projects with my son using Crayola Air Dry clay but have found it to be very fragile.

Sarah Crowder

Brrthday - very nice!


So pretty!! I want one for myself :).


That's darling, what a great activity to do with the kids! I would love to link to your tutorial id you didn't mind.


Very Nice! I do stamp/block printing a lot. I will try this.

JP Conner

I think the clay pendants and jewelry dishes turned out amazing. I would love to make something similar. Who needs gold when you can make your own jewelry!

Jen Kim

oh my goodness, i absolutely love these! i HAVE sculpey AND brand new martha stewart snowflake stamps at home, thank you!! the plates are gorgeous too, i have a doily i was going to try to use to imprint as well :-)


Love this idea and can't wait to hear more about the Brrrthday party.

personalized engraved jewelry

I have made things like dolls and stuff with clay but never really tried making a pendant out of it. Your walk through tutorial is neat and I'm sure over the weekend when I follow it I wouldn't have any problems.

{amy k.}

so many great ideas on your blog! i am now your newest follower!

dry clay

I must say those look wonderful
I love playing with that air-dry clay and being super creative :)

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I have to admit, these are totally unique and lovely!

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