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I appreciate your creativity in doing great things into something extra ordinary.

diane @ home sweet homemade



love these!


Awesome idea! =D

Sav O'G

These are SUPER gorgeous! LOVE LOVE LOVE!


I'm so making these!! Love the color and shape! Thanks for always inspiring me :).

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Loving your interior art!!! Nice!

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Nice papercuts.Did you use Cricut for these fabulous design of yours?again,Great job.


Hi Lisa,
I am writing in a travel blog for the french market and i am preparing an article on DIY for Christmas. I love the idea of the Border Punched Ornaments and would like to use the picture you have published on your website. Of course, we would be happy to link it to your website. Please note that the article will be published in french, english, spanish and italian : http://blog.edreams.fr/

Kind Regards,


Hi,love these for a chilren's project. I am a novice here so can you provide some more info. Is the paper cardstock and what is the length and width of these strips? Thanks so much

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getting ready an item on DIY for Christmas. I adore the brainstorm of the Border Punched Ornaments and could get a kick out of any chance to utilize the picture you have circulated on your homepage.

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Looks is very great. Thanks for always inspiring me.

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Thanks for providing this such cutie ornaments, I will be using Fiskars for decorating our Christmas tree! love it!

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Some cool ideas here, would be great for my friend who teaches.

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