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Those are gorgeous! Great job!

Steph @ Crafting in the Rain

I love the simplicity of these--but they're so pretty! Nice! I'm a new subscriber to your blog too--I keep seeing your fab projects featured, and it's time for me to get your info first hand :)

Sarah Crowder

You are amazing! I don't know anyone else who can take something as simple as felt and turn it into something that looks expensive.


For sure, felt is great for craft projects. You make it look awesome though!

Hypnotherapy London

Brilliant ideas!!! Love everyone of them

customized bracelets

Clever idea! Simple felt turned into fabulous custom jewelry pieces. The last one’s my favorite, I like the combination of the orange and the pink fall leaves -- the colors seem to perfectly complement each other.

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This is so beautiful! I've just found your blog tonight, and I'm already in love. Thank you!

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Wow... Excellent amazing dude. i like this very much and thanks for sharing.

cynthia thompson

I don't know how you do it, but it is a great work. I love the necklace. I also found something similar at http://www.brilliance.com/necklaces/gangnam-inspired-diamond-pendant

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