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Jessica @ Two Shades of Pink

I am in absolute awe. I am having ab-day party for my girls and have been wanting a lemonade stand but not a permanent one. I had no idea where to start but now I do! This is absolutely BRILLIANT! Thank you so much for sharing this. I love every detail.


You are amazing. Every detail (down to his ADORABLE bow tie) is amazing.

I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July!!

Sarah Crowder

Lisa this is so ridiculously perfect! Splendid details!


Awesome - love the whole concept! :-)


Wish I could purchase lemonade from a cute stand like that!


So cute; I wish I lived nearby so I could come by and buy some lemonade.


So cute. Did you make fresh lemonade? If so can you give me the recipe you used?

Carla G.

This is so cute!! I can't wait to read the article...you crafts are amazing!


Thats soo cute!awwww i keep checkig this over and over, very much inspiration(:


Genius! I don't have room to build and store a whole lemonade stand but I could totally do something temporary like this thanks to your creative mind! And this stand is beyond adorable :).


Where do you buy those cute sucker for cheap? Love the idea.


Thanks everyone! I don't usually make fresh lemonade for stand because of the amount I end up having to make and replenish. But for a good recipe otherwise, google Best Lemonade Ever is a good one! As for suckers, I got the candy sticks and rock candy from my local mom and pop pharmacy. =)


I love your ideas und pictures...
Thanks so much


Love that stand! Checked out your 'how-to', looks easy enough to pull together, and easy enough to change for another theme. Fantastic!

Burberry Outlet

This is absolutely BRILLIANT! Thank you so much for sharing this. I love every detail.

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