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Very cute jellyfish! :-)

Carla G.

Just got mine yesterday!! I love that magazine...it's one of my favorites!

Sarah Crowder

Eeeek! These are simultaneously soo cute and soo freaky...I'm pretty freaked out by jellyfish :) They look like they're floating in the water!


So cute!!!!

Angela K

OMG, how cute are those!?! I just recently took my son to The National Zoo where we saw and took pics of jellyfish. This would make a fun follow-up craft to do with him. This is great!


These are so cute! My daughter keeps asking me to see them!

Heather Millar

I LOVE THIS!!! very cool!


These are so adorable, and so colorful, love them!

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Melissa N Jary Vermeys

I am trying to find the directions for these. Can anyone help me out? I went to the Scrapbook Etc. page but came up empty handed. Thank you for any help!


The link to directions is in the last paragraph, click on "on this blog" ... hope that helps =).

Steph Bond-Hutkin

Hi Lisa,
Gosh you put together a wonderful tutorial for these jellies. One of my readers used it for a mermaid party that I featured on Bondville today: http://blog.stephbond.com/2012/10/edens-6th-birthday-mermaid-party.html. Thought you would think they were cute :)

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This is amazing. These are so cute and so freaky. I like this very much.

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