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too cute! wow. where on earth did you find the giraffe fork? and the annie's fruity bunnies?

i also LOVE the little plates in the previous post. i bought FIMO for easter and have been planning on doing something similar. i haven't got around to it yet.

cute blog! :)


Thanks! I got the forks off Amazon ... they qualify for Super Saver Shipping, so they are a good thing to throw in your cart when you need a little more to make it to $25 lol. Just search 'Kids Animal Fork Picks Party in a Lunch Box' on Amazon.

And the Fruity Bunnies are cereal, just found them at the regular grocery store. Thanks =)


Fruity Bunnies are a favorite at our house. They're cute and yummy and at least a little better than Fruit Loops. ;)


omg, so cute! That monkey quesadilla has to be the coolest edible I've ever seen!

Amy Baldwin

I just found you via paper issues...your creative lunches are insanely cute! I will have to try these out with my boys. TFS!


I want to know where you got that 3 compartment lunch container. I like to send my lunches in reusable containers but am getting tired of washing 3 containers times 2 kids every night. This would be perfect!


Thanks so much everyone! Leslie, that's exactly why I like these ... I have three kids and would go crazy with a bunch of pieces. We use Easylunchboxes which is at http://www.easylunchboxes.com/ and I *think* she posted on facebook the other day they are now on Amazon with free shipping.


Yes it looks like you can order thru Amazon but they are out of stock : ( I will use them year round since I don't get to stay home with my kiddos over the summer. What are the dimensions of the insulated bag?


Oh my goodness! How adorable!! Thanks for the link on the containers... I was wondering about them too! Do you send them in an insulated container? And does stuff fall over the place when you put them in their backpacks? Thanks!!


Leslie, The bottom of the bag is approximately 8.75x6.5" and about 6" tall. There is lots of space leftover after laying the luncbox on the bottom. I top it with an ice pack, drink, napkin, piece of fruit, etc.

Malissa, I use the insulated bags that are sold with the lunchboxes. They carry their lunch with the lunchbox laying flat at the bottom. So there isn't much tossing around. I usually fill the two smaller sections, but sometimes there is extra space in the large section. I make sure my little details are "adhered" on their sandwiches, etc. with things like peanut butter and melted cheese.

And btw, they are not liquid-proof. You can't just pour soup in there or anything like that. =)


FYI I noticed Easylunchboxes posted on facebook today that amazon is restocked...

Betty Ignacio

Thanks for the sharing. My grandchildren will be party setting. amazed with these creations. Gives me an idea for a birthday


Thanks for the sharing. My grandchildren will be amazed with these creations. Gives me an idea for a birthday party setting.

JDaniel4's Mom

These are adorable! I love the bunnies!


This is absolutely adorable. I love new ideas to make lunches more fun for the kids. It lets them know how much you love them and gives them a break from the mundane at school. Great ideas! Thank you for sharing!

Bill Davis

Great idea and very simple. I see you encourage reblogging. Would you be okay with us pinning a link to this on Pinterest?


Bill Davis

Great idea!

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