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Shannon Tidwell

So funny, I'd been planning on getting some of these cups for teacher gifts. What I had in mind isn't nearly as cute as yours! Thanks for the inspiration!!!


Thanks everyone! Stacey and Claudia, I emailed you the pdf =)


Hope the pdf link is fixed, I'd love to do this at the end of the year for my kid's teachers! Love that I just found Crystal Light pure via this post as well. super excited.


The pdf link is fine ... I've never done anything to it and it still works for me and everyone I've had test it for me. If anyone has trouble downloading it, shoot me an email and I'd be glad to email you the file directly =)


saw this on pinterest. So adorable - thank you for sharing!


I found you from Pinterest. I decided to make these for the teachers. I was getting out the lined paper and figuring out how to make the tags when I realized there was a PDF for them!!! You ROCK!!!


thank you for the idea! i am going to make these for my kids' teachers.


Thank you so much for the great idea! It's my kids' last day of school tomorrow, and these were easy to quick whip up for a teacher gift. I found the cups at Wal-Mart, but only one! So we improvised and used other ones and added a drinking straw. Still cute. Thanks again!

Cara @ This Is Where I Come Up With Something Witty

Just made these for my son's preschool teachers! he graduates tomorrow morning and I was pressed for time for a little thank you gift! Thank you for the inspiration! (I too found this via Pinterest)


Loving this idea! I was in a panic this morning about teacher gifts and with the school picnic in just a few short hours. But now I am all set and the gift will be a hit! Thanks for the great idea/post/download!

Jennifer K

I was having trouble too but I clicked on the download and when it came up blank I hit refresh and it showed up! HTH!!


Love this idea! Went to the supermarket tonight and the cups and Crystal Light were both on sale! Triple score!


I love this!! I totally used it. Thank you so much for sharing such a cute idea.


This is perfect...thanks for sharing!!


How cool is this! Thank you so much for the inspiration & the PDF file! Very thoughtful. I went today and got the supplies & printed off the flags. Although I was sad when I went looking for the cups because all I was able to find was Brown but I figured it will still work, they just wont be as colorful as yours.


I love this idea! I'm a teacher and if I get one more mug... I will continue to say thank you but secretly cringe over my collection of 6,000 coffee mugs.


As a teacher, I LOVE this...so cute, different and PRACTICAL!! I would be so excited to get this!

Emily @ ReMarkable Home

adorable! i'm pinning it!


Love, love, love this! Using this for my son's preschool teachers and aides. Thank you


Just got a bunch of similar tumblers at Home Goods for $3.99. Awesome idea - TFS!

Crystal Todd

Thanks so much for this idea and printable! I made these for my kids teachers as an end of school gift and they loved them! I linked to you here: http://flowerificbowtastic.blogspot.com/2011/06/end-of-schoolstart-of-summer.html

Autumn Thomes

Another pinterest person here! We sent in a beautiful cupcake and handmade card for teacher appreciation week but I am totally snagging this idea for the end of the school year! I found the same cup today at K-Mart which also carries Crystal Light. =) Thanks!


I just made these for my daughter's 2nd grade teacher & aide and they turned out so cute. I found cups with red, white and blue stars at Home Goods that are perfect for summer. Thanks so much for posting this idea and for the flag printables!


This is great! I had planned to use my printer to print off your PDF but last minute I was out of ink. I ended up just using a ruler and writing in the words. Not as adorable as yours but it worked. Thanks for a great idea!


Thanks for sharing this fabulous idea. I pinned it weeks ago and finally am sitting down to reproduce it for our teachers. Thank you for creating and sharing the pdf, I was about to go on a frantic search for stamps!

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