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oooh CUTE! am I the only one wanting to know who makes the lemonade packets? LOL

Heather G.

This is a fabulous idea - thank you!

Erin Bassett

So cute!! I'm sure they will be appreciated!


Wonderful idea!
I love it


Thanks everyone!! =)

Heidi, the lemonade packets are Crystal Light Pure (it's Crystal Light without artificial sweeteners, flavors, or preservatives).


Awesome! I love that one is teacher specific and one aide specific!


Where do you get those cute cups?


Merrissa, oddly enough I bought them at JoAnn's craft store, but I assume you can find them elsewhere. It was called the Copco Stir-n-Sip I believe and looking at their site, it lists that their products are available at http://www.copco.com/wheretobuy/.


Thank you so much! I think I need these for myself, I think I could even concoct a cute Mother's Day gift with these!


I found you via someone's pinterest pin of this post. I've scrolled through your blog and am so in love with your school lunches. My boys beg me, several times a week, to make them a "face lunch." I'm so excited to try out some of your ideas! Thanks for sharing!!


also found you through pinterest. LOVE this. wondering where the cups are from?


and i thought i'd read the comments thoroughly before asking. i clearly did not. will check out joanns. thanks for a cute idea.

Colleen {HappyLittleArt}

Saw this on pinterest and Loved it so much, I made it for my Daughter to take to school today!

I blogged about it here:
http://happylittleart.blogspot.com/ and put a link in there to your blog!!

Thanks so much for sharing and the free downloads!! {Love!}


just dropping a note to say how fantastic your blog/ideas are! Glad to be a new follower!

hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!


"Heidi, the lemonade packets are Crystal Light Pure (it's Crystal Light without artificial sweeteners, flavors, or preservatives)."

SWEET! thank you so much! I had no idea they were making them without artificial sweeteners. finally!

thanks for the comment on my blog too. ;)


where can i get the crystal light pure packets? Walmart? I too, LOVE this idea and plan to give it to my son's teachers. Thanks so much for the freebies!



Thanks everyone! I got the packets at my little grocery store in my very small town, so I assume (which I know you should never do lol) that they are everywhere. =) They came in a box of 7 I think.


I seen these cups at Walmart for $5!!!!! Love this idea so much, not to mention I want one for myself!

Stephanie Reid

Thanks so much! I gave these to my son's preschool teachers and they really liked them!


This is so cute! I love it : ) I'm sharing this on my crafty facebook page!
Jaimee @ craft-interrupted.blogspot.com

kim castillon

spotted you at paper issues....those flags are too stinking cute...love 'em.


Thanks everyone!!! =)


I will be stealing this idea for staff appreciation at the school where I work! Thank you for sharing, and thank you VERY much for the PDF of the flags. Your post must be making the rounds on Pinterest, because that's what led me here, too. Lovely idea and nicely executed!

Stacey Fantin

Great idea. I am having trouble downloading the flag pdf though :( It pops up in a "typepad" page and is blank. Any ideas?


Can't see the pdf either. :(

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