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cu-u-ute!!!! i once cut flowers from cheese for a birthday party. cheese and crackers. anything in flower shape is so cute!

Sarah Crowder

oh goodness, warm croutons right out of the oven *drool*


My dear daughter would adore these... she loves salad {believe it or not}


love, love, love this idea!


Just found your blog tonight & promptly read the entire site -- you have so many cute ideas that I can't wait to try. Question: How in the world do you keep the contents of the lunch items from sliding around & getting ruined by lunchtime?


I just found you too, and love your blog! I was kind of wondering the same thing as Kristine. Do you have bento boxes or are they something similar?


I use EasyLunchboxes (they are sold at easylunchboxes.com and at Amazon with free shipping). They are carried in the carriers from the site, laying flat at the bottom, topped by an ice block, drink, napkin, utensils, larger fruit, etc. The kids either carry them by hand or if they don't have anything in their backpack can place them flat at the bottom. I don't leave anything unattached (like face details are "glued" down with melted cheese, peanut butter, etc.) so everything is fine when they get to school. I eat lunch with my youngest once a week at school so always got a chance to see how things arrived. If you mean in this specific post, as I stated I didn't expect the carrots to stay on the cucumbers ... that was just for a fun pic as one accidentally landed there as I sprinkled them on and I noticed the cuteness lol. The croutons and watermelon won't matter if they slide around, and neither would the salad although it's packed full so wouldn't much anyway. Hope that helps =)


I will add that the lids on these are not super tight, so if they will be getting super tossed around they could come off. I am still on the lookout for the perfect lunchbox that allows me to add an ice block and doesn't break the bank. =)


OK, good to know that you're placing them flat. My son's lunchbag is the vertical kind... so will look for little containers to stack. (Though not nearly as cute a presentation as your boxes.)

Also, just bought my first set of mini cookie cutters & the 6YO went bananas when I made little cheese stars for dinner the other night. Officially excited to start making school lunches again.


Awesome idea, I will be making these tonight!!

To keep my daughters lunch cold I make jello or pudding and freeze them in icecube trays. Just put a few cubes in for lunch and it keeps the entire meal cold as it melts to a perfect eating temperature by lunchtime.

My absolute favourite lunchbox is made by nude food. They are all about foods that don't need extra packaging and are perfect for my daughter's and husband's lunches. http://www.nudefoodmovers.com.au/catalogue.asp

Mrs. P

you've got cute bentos! If you make a bento for Wednesday you should post your bento pictures online for "What's for Lunch Wednesday" (searchable on google)! I do it sometimes, haven't made bentos in awhile... :)

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