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Lisa Day

I'm always amazed. I love these!


wow! You're like the Bakerella of kids lunches ;)



Daniel Deibler

lol These are awesome! =D

Sarah Crowder

Love them all but the first is definitely my favorite...that Cheerio mouth is too cute!


What a great idea to hopefully get an otherwise picky eater to be interested in lunch. Thanks for sharing.


So I'm curious... how do you make the faces stay on during transport?


What great ideas,this might actually get my picky eater to eat sandwiches.


awesomely cute :)


I agree super cute.. but the way my girls sling around their bags in the mornings they would have no idea what I was going for.. I can hear them now "mom why was there ONE cheerio in my lunch today?" "Mine had HALF a piece of pepperoni! Where's the rest!?"

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Anna M.

Totally adorable.


found this on pinterest one day! My daughter 6 loves it! Thanks a bunch


Great ideas Thank you....

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Nice! I'm curious too. thanks for sharing too.

Teresa Anderson

hey lisa, i found you on Pinterest...love your ideas!

also wanted to let you know that i linked to your post off my blog this week if you want to check it out:



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