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HA! I thought *I* was bad! Back in the day if I matted a photo, I would cut out the center of the mat so that paper (that would just be covered by the photo) wouldn't get wasted!
But I have NEVER, EVER, EVER saved a piece of paper the size of a nickel!! LOL


Oh goodness ... if even you think I'm a freak, then I know it must be true :P


If the freak flag fits, FLY IT, sister!!!

Sarah Crowder

I can understand why you would save something so pretty! Not exactly the same, but I save every last bit of food. Spoonful of soup left? I'll spread it on toast as a snack later..and on and on. I think we got that from our parents!


Waste not, want not! :-)
And that organization article on Fiskars rocks!


Just found you via a link from Typo on Facebook! Love your lunchbox ideas, especially as my son will start school next year :o)
Had to comment on this post because I am the same, I just did a post on my blog about organising my media and used scraps of card from an easter egg bag to make the labels! You're not crazy, just thrifty!
x Cassie

Cherry Horton Reidenbach

Aren't we all just sitting in the same little boat filled with scraps of ribbon, paper, string, beads, and on and on.


That would be a cute bow for a little girl's hair barrette.

Daily Craft

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Katharine from Kat's Almost Purrfect World

I save scraps too!!! You never know! I just need to learn how to keep better track of my scraps and things then I could use it for the next time. :)

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