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Sarah Crowder

Whoa, anytime I've seen someone make these cake pops, they look inferior to Bakerella's...yours look equally as wonderful, if not better!




love these! I would like to make these with buckeyes.. yummmmm


I had to google buckeyes ... yum is right! =)

Lee Anne Russell

Lisa, I just found your blog through Pinterest! You have some of the cutest ideas I've seen in a while. Thanks for sharing!

Sissy lynn

Looks great!

Melissa Keadle

Entirely too cute and creative


How do you make the cake pop? I've seen several different ideas and really don't know which one to try.


how did you make those cakeballs?


You can also use marshmallows if you do not want to make cake balls.


they look so great!! i also tried them, but my friend said they looked like ants, haha (i used pretzels for antlers ;-))

Sarah @ Miss CandiQuik

Cute, cute, cute. Found your blog through none other than...Bakerella! What an honor, she posted a link to your site! I would be thrilled :)

Sara Seidel

That is so nice!

Lyna Benson

I didn't see the directions to make or form "what"? into balls? Please help me....


Mas ideas para el negocio!!! depronto ya lo tienes pero bueno.........


Misty Jackson

I was thinking of using donut holes instead of cake...



sonya shaw

Thats really cute i love that i wish i was her i well be so happy if i was her but she do look cute


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