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Sarah Crowder

Aww, the no waste piece at the end made me smile :) The marshmallows made me think to tell you I've been making homemade marshmallows, which is fun because you can flavor/color them however you like!


I would have never thought to make Christmas red and green with grapes and cucumbers - brilliant!!! I love how the cup made a natural seal with the snowman sandwhich. Thanks for sharing these!!


I was just wondering what happens to the scraps! How do you present the scraps so that the kids don't dismiss them as 'old' or 'yukky crusty bits'? Lol!


I just throw them on a plate lol ... my kids are human vacuum cleaners and eat anything, especially after a long day at school =)


What container do you use for their cute lunches?

Fisher Boy Food

Fabulous idea for the holidays! Come Easter, cutting out sandwiches and decorating them as eggs could be fun, too.


Wow that's pretty spiffy :).
I could do that for my hubby's lunches!


Where did you get the container??

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